Our Intensive In-Home {IIH) program is a home-based crisis intervention service specialized in providing a therapeutic and preventive platform as well as extensive guidance to children and adolescents from ages 5-18 years old who are at risk of an out-of-home placement. This program is structured to the individual needs within the family unity. Our sole purpose is intended to intervene as needed while maintaining an individualized service plan designed to keep the child in the home setting.
~One or more children from ages 5-18 who are at risk for an out-of-home placement.
~DSM-IV Axis I or II diagnosis.
~ The children are at risk to self, others, or property, but not in need of hospitalization.
~Family is unable to cope with immediate crisis situations.
~At least one parent with whom the child is living with is willing and able to participate in the IIH program.
~Youth and adolescents who are transitioning back into the home from an out-of-home placement.